Sunday, July 22, 2007

Chair glue

In my 'creative writing' class (online) we talk about 'chair glue', something that could affix us to a chair for a certain amount of time so that we'll be forced to write. The best time is early in the morning. It is also good to have a designated area, complete with pen, paper, music and whatever accoutrement we might need to coax that otherwise elusive creative moment. Most of my life's work is done on my feet, I'm a pharmacist, who spends 10 hours working on my feet. Doing things on my feet is what I'm used to, I eat standing up at the kitchen counter, even now, there is a short lull in the business in the pharmacy(I'm writing this while working) I'm writing on my feet. So when I hear 'chair glue' I have to smile.
While I love to write this blog, it's become like a full time job, I'm reading and thinking about what to write all the time. Even at posting 3 times a week is a lot of work. Sometimes nothing comes to mind,'who's afraid of a blank page?'. Every writer is but reading helps. I discover an interesting topic and I write, like the series about my childhood. I have posted 2 pieces of it but there is more. I just need a diversion so I won't get burnout.
The other thing we discussed in class is the 'writer's voice'. I'm still trying to discover mine. Now I'm aware of the 'writer's voice', I can pick them up while reading some of the very great authors. Henry Miller, for one, in 'Portrait of a lady' that I just now started to read.....
'Under certain circumstances there are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea. There are circumstances in which, whether you partake of the tea or not-some people of course never do,-the situation is in itself delightful.....'
It is a beautifully written book, replete with beautiful descriptive writing.
While I had wanted to write for a long time, I didn't seriously write until 4 years ago. When I started I couldn't write beyond a paragraph. I'd look at my work, told myself, 'that's very good, now write some more...' I couldn't, one paragraph on anything was all I could manage. I started reading a lot, especially the genre of books that I wanted to be involved in. I read, not just for the contents but also to recognize the 'writer's voice' and eventually I could write longer pieces.
I sent a proposal to a travel magazine last year. They expressed some interest but nothing proceeded from that initial interest. I think I'm going to approach them again on another piece. Then there's my unfinished manuscript on Sicily..... it's only unfinished because I haven't seen the whole island. Once that happens, the manuscript on Sicily will be completed.
I have ideas for other projects which I am excited about.

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