Thursday, October 18, 2007

Blogging in Palermo!

After 17 hours of tiresome air travel and 3 airports later, we have finally arrived in Catania, Sicily (again!). Spent 2 days exploring the country side, Piazza Amerina and Caltagirone, we arrived at Palermo a few hours ago, to a humid afternoon rain. This is a contrast against Catania where the waves were 30-40 feet, wind was surreal but not cold. We visited the Ballaro Market to see the Carmine church, with its gorgeous majolica-tiled dome against the back drop of the dirty and smelly Ballaro Market with the smell of dead fish, urine and garbage strewn all over the small alley way. We will journal along the way- it's time now for spaghetti a la vongole and aqua minerale frizzante and insalata mista- ciaò!!

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Gawpo said...

Oh, I see. Well Annie, I guess we did sort of overlap. But we didn't go to Catania. We hung out in Cefalu and Santo Stefano di Camastra.

Welcome home!!!