Wednesday, November 28, 2007

San Cataldo

It was early afternoon when we returned to Palermo from Bagheria and we rushed over to this cafe that sold Sicilian food, it's a modern 'McD' but it's all Sicilian food; roasted vegetables, pasta, arroste of assorted meat, roasted potatoes and sometimes involtini. We loved it because it is cheap. When you have to eat every meal out, it gets very expensive and the Euro is so high. It is across the street from Palermo Cathedral. They're not opened for dinner, pity!
Sophie decided to take a nap so I took the opportunity to go out and do some sketching. I was around Piazzi Bellini, sketching San Cataldo. There's no mistaking it with its red domes. We were inside of it the previous day and took pictures of the inside of the domes. It is a peaceful and spiritual place, more so than others because of its association with the Knights Templar's. Notice the Maltese cross on the curtain. Even though the interior is stark and devoid of ornamentation, it is more moving because of the Knights Templars connection. There's no mosaics to gawk at, to detract your attention from the spiritual. When you sit in the pew, it is just you and God, very moving and the memory of the sacrifices made by the crusaders and the Knights Templars. San Cataldo is only opened in the morning, that's why we missed the first trip to Palermo.
Surprisingly Palermo was full of visitors. The piazza was crowded because they were filming a movie. I'm sure I saw Sicilian movie stars, I couldn't tell.
We leave for Trapani the next day.....

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