Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sunday outing in Lanzhou

 After almost 24 hours of flying and being in 3 airports we finally reached our destination, the little town of Lanzhou in Central China. We had a good night sleep and the next morning we decided to visit a Buddhist grotto. We couldn't find any tour company in town to take us. So we had to go alone. The people at the front desk of our hotel was very helpful, take a local bus to the long distance bus station, take another bus to the reservoir. So off we went. The Liujiaxia reservoir is huge, it used to belong to a family. And tucked in one corner of the reservoir is the Buddhist grotto we want to see.
 Once there we paid for seats on a speed boat or a launch. This was the more expensive but faster way to get to the grottoes. The speed boat can take 8 people at a time, so you have to wait to meet up with other individual groups and once the boat fills up, we left.

 One can also take the slow ferry which is cheaper.The speed boat takes 1 hour while the slow ferry takes 2 and 1/2 hours just to get there. Coming back adds to the time spent just on the water. Some who took the ferry to get there refused to return with the ferry, it just took too long. They had to pay extra to find space on the returning speed boats.

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