Monday, June 02, 2014

Charleston farmhouse, the interiors

 No photography was allowed in the inside of the house. So I had to use the photos I took from this book.
Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant painted the interiors, not just with plain paint, they painted on wall paper, they painted the doors, the fire places, the beds and everything that could take on paint.

 Vanessa loves to paint circles and cross hatching and her work can be seen throughout the house.
 Duncan Grant painted this door panel.
 Vanessa painted the top of this dining table. The wall is painted black with yellow stripes to resemble wall paper because they could not afford to wallpaper the room. They used leftover paint from their work.

 There was a mirror in the centre but for some reason was broken. But not to worry, Duncan painted a mural in its place.
 Vanessa's bedroom with pictures of her three kids being displayed on the wall.
 They made a new room for Vanessa on the ground floor with access to the garden.

Here one can see Vanessa's work on the window embrasure, those circles again.

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