Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Bloomsbury group

Most Thursday evenings, the Cambridge friends of Thoby Stephens would wander into their new place at 46 Gordon Square in the Bloomsbury district of London. It was cheap to entertain then since everyone would have had dinner already. The four Stephens' children would have much money. They would talk most of the evenings, drinking cocoa and eating buns. Then after a holiday to Greece, Thoby Stephen contracted Typhoid and died from it. Vanessa Stephen decided to marry one of his friends and one of the members of the Bloomsbury group, Clive Bell. She became Vanessa Bell. Clive's family had money and they had 2 children together, there was a third child but the child's paternity was different. The marriage became in name only after a few years though the two remained friends and were in each others' lives till the end. The twists and turns of the stories of the Bloomsbury group is fascinating. Tune in for the next installment....

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