Monday, October 27, 2014

My book

 5 am Sunday morning I was at a printing store making copies. I don't recommend this, the cost was too prohibitive. I'm looking for cheaper options, much cheaper options.

 Here am I using my home printer. The only thing is I have to flip the second page over and feed the same copy back into the machine to print the other side. Its a lot more work but cheaper and I found some cheap generic ink which I have yet to try. This would be a more viable option!
 I have 10 copies of this, its more like a prototype.
After months of work, I finally have the finished product. Wow, what an achievement. Now its on to other projects. Don't try this at home, its tedious unless you're really interested in books and reading but writing and publishing and doing it all by yourself is an entirely different experience. Why am I doing it? I just want to write stuff that I want to read. Here is Charleston and the Bloomsbury group condensed into 8,000 words. I need my head examined!

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