Thursday, May 07, 2015

Colosseum, Rome

 Not Colosseum, wrong photo, this was Sorrento.
 After San Clemente, we were within walking distance to the Colosseum. Rome is quite compact, one can walk to most sites. Be fit and wear comfortable shoes.

The usual suspects at the Colosseum, the vendors and the carabineri. The carabineri were chasing after little petty thieves. There were hordes of African immigrants selling selfie sticks, they were harassing everyone.

 The arch of Constantine, noble and awe inspiring. It was fenced off. I'm glad because these days the visitors are quite fond of carving their names on monuments. What disrespect.
It was crowded but not as crowded as in Summer. We used to see a lot more Japanese visitors in the old days. But we saw huge groups of Chinese, kids especially, quite unusual to send kids so young to Europe. Well, its better to get a head start and maybe an advantage for later in life.

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