Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Getty Centre, Los Angeles

I just arrived back from visiting the Getty Centre, a huge museum in Los Angeles. They have an exhibition of Buddhist cave art from the Gobi desert of China, more precisely, in Dunhuang, China. I was in Dunhuang a few years ago and saw the real caves. Here at the Getty are replicas of 3 of the caves. They are of astounding quality and realism. There are other bits and bob from Dunhuang and all were very well done. The Getty doesn't charge for admission and is a remarkable museum. Last year I saw a JM Turner exhibition here. The picture, however, is not from Dunhuang but from near Dunhuang, the Bezilik caves in the Gobi desert. This is a reconstruction using pieces from a cave in the Dahlem museum in Berlin. This is also another exceptional exhibit in Berlin, this is a permanent exhibit.

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