Sunday, February 26, 2006

looking for a new home

I went on the internet to see what I can buy with $500,000. I had wanted to live in Santa Monica. I found a one bedroom, one bathroom house in Santa Monica for $500,000 (2001). There were a few 2 bedrooms, one bathroom houses in Mar Vista at that price. I decided to drive around the area to check it out, go to some open houses. I liked the area a lot and decided that that's the place I'm going to look for my next house. I looked through my journals and found this entry dated March 2001.
Affirmations: 1) I am going to live in Mar Vista in a 3 bedroom 2 bathrooms house with a small yard, garage and a gourmet kitchen. 2) within 3 months.
This was before I even went house hunting. The plan was to sell my house first, move in with my brother till I find the new house 3 months after that affirmation, it was moving day! While living in my brother's house, I went house hunting. I fell in love with this adorable 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom house. The 2 car garage was converted into an office and a bedroom with a bathroom. The kitchen has a commercial stove with hood. It was exactly like I had envision in my affirmations.

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