Friday, February 24, 2006

midlife financial check

net worth $616,000 it's going to be a while before I can retire. Money mistakes, I have plenty, which included a do it yourself divorce and losing money in a business venture with family members. I got far less than what I was entittled to in a divorce even though I made the most contribution. I made twice what he made when he worked which was less often. I gave $80,000 to some family members and never saw a cent. Who does not have a few such stories in their closet. It took 7 seven years to climb out of this financial mess. It was more a spiritual mess that was the most painful. We don't realize that our decisions come from our emotions. We have a huge ego especially after the end of a relationship. We do things from that egotistical point of view which is laced with plenty of emotions. Until 7 years ago I did not realize this. When I did, it clicked and things, especially financial matters, fell into place. Today, with a greater understanding about my emotions, I have better control over my life and my finances. Today I am more at peach with myself. I do things to please myself. I do due diligence on major financial matters. I am the ultimate frugal living maven. I have kept some notes from 7 years ago and looking back at thse notes, they seem almost prophetic..... stay in touch for more

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