Sunday, May 20, 2007

investing in stocks

This is not expert advice on investing. Over the last 12 years I have dabbled in stocks. Before the dot com debacle I have done extremely well. I liquidated my portfolio before the crash. Over the years after that I've continued to stay in the market albeit in a tepid way, watching and waiting. I'm back in in a bigger way lately with the continued rally of the market. It's getting hot and exciting again. The stocks I currently own,
Johnson Control
Exxon Mobil
Wells Fargo
Force Protection Industries
This is the broadest of holdings that I've ever held. I bought Microsoft when it was $22; that was cheap; it's now at $30.80. I love Johnson Controls; I've sold it before, took some profits and repurchased it again. I bought 13 shares of Google at $286.00. That was an expensive stock. I questioned my judgment at that time but it was doing such exciting things that I had to own it. It's at $470.00. Exxon Mobil was my hedge against high gas prices. My reasoning was since I have to pay such high gas prices, I might own some oil and gas stocks. I wanted to include a financial institution in my portfolio, therefore the Wells Fargo stock. They're the holders of my mortgage. There's a little excitement in the defence area currently so I bought some Force Protection Industries- they make armored vehicles. I wanted to own more defence stocks but that was all the money I had currently. It was a toss up between Force Protection and Alliant which makes bullets and Ceradyne which makes body armor. I went with Force Protection. I have my eye on other defence contractors. I have to save some more money, so I can buy some more stocks. I love the stock market. Apple is not just a computer and software company anymore. It has become a luxury brand. It is doing exciting things too. Have you been in an Apple store? It is so gorgeous. My first computer was an Mac but I've had PCs since then. Celgene and Repligen are both bio tech companies having treatments for various cancers. It is big money; cancer treatment is very expensive and bio tech companies can make a lot of money.

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