Wednesday, May 23, 2007

petit dejeuner

I googled 'petit dejeuner' and came up with a bunch of pretty sites. This morning I had my little breakfast, my petit dejeuner in my backyard. Sorry it wasn't in Paris but the ambiance was just as delightful. Usually when I'm at work I eat breakfast and lunch standing up at the pharmacy counter. I'm not supposed to do that but there's no time to sit and eat. I can only take bites every now and then. I've done this for over 20 years. It is nice to sit in the backyard and eat breakfast or lunch. I went to the Italian deli for a fresh loaf of bread, it was still warm. Then to the Santa Monica's farmer's market for some fresh produce. I came home, had some of the bread slathered with butter and cassis confiture, wash it down with some strong and milky Yuban coffee. Oh yes, I bought some big and juicy fresh blackberries. mmmmmm good! I love Southern California. I live near the Ocean and it is the most pleasant neighborhood. It has become a very desirable neighborhood. On my days off, I spend all my waking moments outside, so typical of Southern Californians; it's only May and I'm already as brown as a berry. I've eaten petit dejeuner in a lot of places in the world. I've eaten hostel breakfast and I can tell you they're not half as bad. The breakfast at Papa Germano, a hostel in Rome, was good. The thing with hostels is you meet a lot of other travelers, mostly young but there are middle aged people like myself. The one at the hostel in Brussels wasn't bad. I love the breakfast at the London School of Economics- in the summer the dorms are rented out to travelers and breakfast is included. The one next to the Tate Modern served a full English breakfast- mmmmm good. Eggs, sausages, bacon, toast, cereal, juice, coffee tea- such extravagance. I loved that one. Breakfast in Italy means standing at the bar for a cappuccino and a cornetto. The worst breakfast was at a pension in Santiago de Compostela. It was coffee and toast. The toast was so dry and tasteless. The hotel owner was the nicest lady I've ever met. I forgive her for the bad breakfast. Breakfast in Asia takes on a new meaning. I'm planning to go next Fall so I can come back with breakfast stories.

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