Sunday, August 26, 2007


I work every other Saturday but on the Saturdays that I do not work, this is what I do. I walk from my house to Venice Beach past the cute shops of Abbott Kinney Road and past all the cute million dollar cottages. Then I get to the boardwalk in Venice Beach where all the wacky people are already setting up to sell their wacky art. Venice beach is full of wacky people. Then I walk to Santa Monica and to the Saturday's farmer's market. It takes 1 hour and 20 minutes. I don't walk back, I take the bus back, costs me $1.25 in bus fare. At home I read, right now I'm working on my October itinerary to Sicily and Provence, so I'm getting ready to make my hotel arrangements. I've already bought my air ticket, I'm flying on Air France and Alitalia. That's why I have all those guidebooks on my bed. At the farmer's market I bought some bowls from Le pain de quotidien, some 'Molly delicious' apples, some fresh prunes, a bottle of goat cheese in olive oil and herbs (delicious, and a loaf of brioche bread. I hung out at home the rest of the day and did nothing. I did talk to my sister, Dawn who lives in New Jersey. It was a very restful Saturday.

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