Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Savings (written Mon 7/30/07)

It's almost time to travel again, I'm ready. It is time for me to revisit my savings plan or my spending plan. It's time to find the money to travel again. For inspiration I reread some old books and also go online to read other people's accounts of their successes in finding the money to do the things they love. Years ago my sister introduced me to Amy Dacyczn's book, "The Tightwad gazette". While I don't follow everything of what she writes about, I read it for inspiration. There's this other book by Andrew Tobias, 'The only investment guide you'll ever need'. Reading them keeps me motivated to stop spending and keep saving.
There are so many blogs out there on everything. Some are really good but with so many, there's just not enough time for all of them. One can spend the whole day surfing the net. Luckily some are just mostly pictures with a short caption. There are long ones, I am thinking of two that I sometimes check out, the simple dollar and problogger.Even so I don't do them justice by spending enough time there.
I went grocery shopping yesterday (Sunday) I'm glad because I looked in my fridge before I left, it was empty. I ate everything in it. I'm glad because I didn't have to throw away food, usually stuff I don't recognize any more and have no idea how long they've been in there. There wasn't any bread left either, usually I have at least the 'ends' of the loaf left. I used those up for the sandwich I made to take to my day long class on 'PowerPoint'. Wow, I'm happy. It pains me to have any waste.
My insurance agent called to do a check on my policies,
- home owner's
- earthquake
- auto
- annuity
I'm probably over insured, I have all kinds of extra features in all my policies that I'm not sure I need. He pointed them out to me, at least, now I know I have them in case I need them
I know where all my money is, I make myself look at bank statements, credit card bills, brokerage accounts, in detail.
All of these activities keeps me motivated in life.
PS: I've been trying to change some of the settings in this blog, I think I might have messed it up. This is totally amateurish blog. I'm in awe of all the other blogs out there, looking so good and making money.

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