Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lunch in a beer garden

Munich is so beautiful. There are beautiful gardens scattered throughout the city. It was lunch time and we were hungry, we walked around the various beer gardens and saw people drinking huge tankards of beer. We weren't sure if they served food because we didn't see anybody eating. We sat down anyway and asked, they did serve food. We ordered the duck which was really a grilled duck liver salad. It was very good.

We don't read German, this may as well be Greek to us. I'm amazed at the amount of beer they drink. Those tankards are huge. I grew up seeing abuse of drugs and alcohol and surprisingly haven't followed in that direction. My grandfather was an opium addict and I'm surprised that we vowed never to be addicted to anything. Even now I'm surrounded by prescription medicines and will not touch a single pill. I see addiction to prescription drugs and illicit drugs every day. It's very sad to see a lot of wasted lives. I see alcohol abuse also. I don't think beer drinking should be celebrated.

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