Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sangke grassland

 Sophie taking a picture of the Tibetan writing on the board.

Just outside Labrang is a wide expanse of rolling hills and grasslands. We were too early in the season, it was still the rainy season and the grass is short and the earth is muddy. But come late summer the grass is lush and long and the yaks and sheep that graze here become fat. We can still see grazing up in the hills. A lot of Tibetans are herders and nomads and live in the grasslands away from people. It's a hard and lonely life and the songs they sing reflect the sentiment. Come festivals and everyone would come down from their nomadic ways, dress up in their finery and gather together. I'm only in the early stages of discovering about the Tibetans and I'm impressed with whatever I have observed.

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