Friday, September 26, 2014

Eating in the Sinai desert

What's your favorite and most memorable meal? Some fancy restaurant in Paris, London, Rome? Mine was this meal eaten at the house of my Bedouin guide after we came down from Mt Sinai. We started the climb at 2 am and came down at around 8am. My Egyptian taxi driver suggested that we eat at the guide's house, his father did the cooking. Of course I paid for the meal. He went to the chicken coop to get the eggs for scrambling. I've never seen such yellow eggs before. We had local honey, some beans, olives, chips and pita bread. We ate with our fingers while sitting on the dirt floor. It was the most amazing meal eaten at the most amazing place, at the base of Mt Sinai in the Sinai desert. I don't know that I'll have another experience that could beat this. I wouldn't soon forget this. I still think of it with fondness.

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