Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sinai desert, Egypt 2014

In February I was in Israel. While there I took a side trip south to the Sinai desert. I crossed the border at Taba, stepped into Egypt, all alone and decided to take the bus to Dahab, take another bus into St Catherine, climb Mt Sinai and visit St Catherine monastery. Quite a feat, I was so naive but serendipity stepped in. An Egyptian taxi driver approached me, said for a fee(a big one) he'll take me to St Catherine, arrange for me to sleep a few hours at a camp site, have a guide take me up Mt Sinai at 2am, take me down and wait till I visited St Monastery monastery and finally take me back to Taba crossing where I'll return to Israel. I accepted his offer and on the way we stopped to visit some friends of his, some Bedouins living by the highway. Here over a few cups of tea I sat with all these Bedouins and visited with them. We were in the middle of nowhere. Looking back, I marveled at my own fearlessness. What are we afraid of? To be fearful is to stay at home and be a couch potato! I'm always looking forward to packing my bag and leaving town. Unfortunately I have to be house bound for the next months. But soon I pray I'll be back on the road again.

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