Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Anne, my friend in Rome

We met on a train from Rome Termini, she was going to Perugia and we were going to Assisi. We didn't talk much on the way to our respective destination but we were on the same train returning to Rome. The train broke down and we had two hours added to our journey. Anne is Canadian and was married to an Italian for 42 years, he has since passed away. He was a camera man with RAI. He worked late, after he finishes, they would go a restaurant to eat midnight pasta. It was from Anne that I learned there is dish called midnight pasta. All it is some pasta tossed in a pot, heat up some oil, saute garlic and pepper flakes, serve with pasta and parsley and cheese. Then they'll walk home. Rome would be deserted. They had Rome all to themselves. How very romantic. She has two grown children, one in Japan and the other in Toronto. She must be at least 85 and all alone in Rome. Wouldn't I like to be all alone in Rome but then I'll not be alone. I'll have the ghosts of Remus and Romulus, the ghosts of the twelve Caesars, the ghosts of St Peter and St Paul, all the martyrs, all the popes, the Borghese's and whoever else. I'll not be alone. We will all be together!

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