Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Jim Rohn said in one of his books, 'get an idea, get a good idea, get a few ideas, on how to make money, be a better person, live a better life, on anything. Books are incredible sources of ideas. He recommends owning a library. Start by buying a book, buy 2 books, start a library. I have a library and am constantly adding to my burgeoning collection of books.
Stuart Wilde of "The trick to money is having some", said, 'if a place is not conducive to making or earning money, one should move. If Birmingham, England doesn't offer much in opportunities, then people should move, to London, to Ireland or anywhere that offers more in opportunities. If Birmingham, Alabama doesn't offer much in opportunities, then we need to move to Florida, New York or California or anywhere in the USA that does.
Eric Maisel in 'A writer's Paris' suggested that if the place where we live is not conducive to creativity, we can go to Paris for a week, two, a month, two, six months or even a year or anywhere in the world that can coax some creativity out of us. Go and hunt for the ghosts of great literary artists that has found inspiration in the city of lights.
Now my library at home includes art books. It only started a year ago after I acquired Danny Gregory's book, 'The creative licence'. Now I'm never without a journal to draw and to write. At the airport, on my way to Sicily, I sketched and drew everything in sight, the wrappings on the Burger King burger, the condiment packages, the people around me and the plane I was to fly in. It was fun. It beats buying a few expensive glossy magazines from the overpriced bookseller. While in Sicily I made a few sketches, though not enough, I could just spend the whole trip drawing the whole time. It was not just fun, it makes the brain work in ways it has never before. I don't know the outcome of such a brain, it nothing else I'm a happier person, a happy amateur, or a happy dabbler.
Colette wrote a lot about her observations in her lifetime; she didn't know where that will lead her. Now, all of us read the works of Colette. I'm expecting some more books from Amazon. One of them is on the Sicilian sculptor, Giacomo Serpotta. Giacomo who? He is only known by Sicilians and people who has been to Sicily. I came to love and enjoy his work. My collection of books include a wide range of subjects, money, travel, decorating, theology, cooking, history, etc. Some of them are reread many times. One thing I noticed, the collection of books on China, Tibet and Sicily is growing, outpacing all others. I wonder what that means....

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