Wednesday, April 25, 2007

day off

So far, the past 8 years, I've gotten every Wednesday off. So I walk or take the bus to Santa Monica. This morning I took the Big Blue Bus of Santa Monica and it took me through the pretty neighborhoods of Venice beach and Santa Monica. I had to walk past the French restaurant/cafe, 'le pain Quotidien'. I looked in and was drawn in by the pretty display of tarts and muffins. How can I resist not buying something. I bought 5 coconut macaroons, they were so perfect that I waited till I came home, did some drawings of them before biting into one of them. They smelled so good, it was nice, sweet and chewy. I went to look at some watercolors at 'Michael's', a craft store. I am going to start doing watercolors pretty soon. Then I went shopping at the farmer's market. At one vendor, the strawberries looked so ripe and luscious that I couldn't resist. I bought some, together with a punnet of raspberries. Then I went to the oriental folks, bought some Chinese kale and fresh peas. Tonight's dinner will feature a can of Progresso soup, I particularly like their gumbo soup, fresh peas, lightly steamed in the microwave with a touch of salt and butter, saute Chinese kale with oyster sauce. For dessert, fresh strawberries and raspberries. On my way back from the market, I stopped into the British store to buy some digestive biscuits. Right now, I'm writing in the yard, I had my afternoon nap, I'm drinking my tea and eating a couple of the digestive biscuits. I really should have gone to the L'occitane store for some French soap and hand cream. Maybe next Wednesday.

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