Sunday, April 01, 2007

just for today, be happy

It's another lazy sunday. The weather is gorgeous. I'm am in my backyard writing this, with a straw hat on my head. The sun is gentle on my skin and there is a light breeze blowing. I just finished my lunch and my cup of tea. Lunch was a slice of French brioche that I got from the farmer's market this morning and a sald of radicchio and finichio. The salad reminded me of Sicily. This was the salad we ate most evenings. I've been back a week now after spending two marvelous weeks in Sicily. I love Sicily. I love the Sicilians. When I told friends I was going to Sicily. Everybody asked, Why Sicily? Would there be enough to do on this small island? Two weeks wasn't enough. I met this German lady who's on her third visit, this time a slow three week trip. I want to return to Sicily and do a slow three week trip. There's so much history. It's history starts in the 6th century BC, imagine 2600 years of very rich and varied history. It is Italy and yet not Italy. Before I embark on any trip, I do very extensive research. I read everything I can before I leave and I write out the highlights, places to see and food to try. It is expensive to travel and I need to get value for my money, time and effort. I take lots of photographs. I ran out of power in my digital camera, so I resorted to disposable cameras. Every night I write down the day's highlights. If I have time, like while waiting for churches to open, I draw. I always bring along sketching paper. I try not to miss anything at all. This trip to Sicily was pretty wild. It was very exhausting, there was too much to pack in; my sister-in-law and I were rushing everywhere. I'm waiting for my new laptop and printer to arrive, so I can show some of the photos. Just for today, I'm chilling and planning my next European jaunt. If you've never been, you've got to go. The weather might be unpredictable in January, February and March but the airfares and hotels are cheaper and there is less tourists around. People are traveling in spite of terrorism and high airfares. Europe can be crowded. It rained half the time we were there. Bring a raincoat, bring an umbrella. Just go. Save up, walk, don't drive, take the bus, work an extra job, drive the old car. Do whatever it takes to save. Learn about being an independent traveler. I did, I used to travel alone. Now my sister-in-law wants to tag along. That's OK. I'm in my 50Th decade, I still stay in youth hostels. Right now I'm trying to squeeze out as much joy out of life as I can.

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