Thursday, June 21, 2007


I thought the season's over for peonies until I walked into Ralph's supermarket and saw these. How can I resist? These were perfect, huge and glorious. I had to leave them in the house while the house was being fumigated. I've been back into the house with no gas for 3 days. The gas company came out yesterday, turned on my gas and lit all my appliances. Finally I can have a warm bath, I've been having cold showers for the past 3 nights. I've been hungry because I ate out of cans. Finally I can cook a decent meal. My stomach is growling right now. I stayed at my brother's house in Arcadia the whole weekend. That was good, it gave us an opportunity to reconnect.
So life has gone back to the way it was.... go to work, get paid, pay the mortgage and buy the groceries, watch the stock market going up and down....
Life is so daily. We don't have to move to a remote farm, we don't have to move to Europe (I've been reading a lot of books about people moving to Europe). Life can be daily wherever we are. Colette and Anais Nin, both have the knack of making daily life into something extraordinary. Their observation skills are so keenly honed. We need to use a different perspective to view our own lives.
I'm trying to reconnect with daily life again. I went through my library- the massive volumes on travel and the massive volumes of Americans who are expatriates in a foreign country, what did I pick to read again...
The re-enchantment of everyday life - Thomas More
Walden - Thoreau

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