Sunday, June 03, 2007

inspiration 1

While Europe inspires me most, I can't be there all the time. I have to let my back yard inspire me. So I drove to the OC, Orange County, to a little city call Orange. I knew it because I used to live there. There's a great used bookstore there; I've spent a lot of time and money there. They have two locations in the OC, in the city of Orange and in Huntington Beach. They have a website also, ebookman. I was early; imagine waiting for a used bookstore to open, only I would but there are others; I'm in good company. I love this used bookstore; it's bigger than most and they are always expanding.
I found a stack of books on France including one printed in 1924 called, 'So you're going to Paris - and if I were going with you these are the things I'd invite you to do.' Talk about a very long title, it's a no no in today's publishing world. This book was revised and printed three times.
I actually wanted to read Anais Nin and Henry Miller. I asked one of the girls working there who was busy re stacking books, 'where is Anais Nin and Henry Miller?' She showed me where their books were. I bought 'The diary of Anais Nin Vol two 1934-1939.' When I finish reading this, I'm going back to the Bookman for more. It's been a great morning, I scored some great used books.
I used to live in this little city. It is a great place to go antiquing. There are lots of antique malls and garden shops. My favorite haunt is the 'Victoria company' owned by my friend, Donna. She let me photograph her shop but not her. I told her the pictures will appear on my blog and I'm going to tell everyone to go antiquing in Orange and to visit my friend, Donna at her very delightful little store that is crammed to the rafters with great stuff. A lot of the things I have in my house came from her store. She's been there for years and I've shopped at her store for years even though I don't live in the OC anymore. I still make the trip there from Los Angeles where I now reside.
I can't wait to read all my books. What a beautiful and inspiring day it's been.

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