Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Cambridge, England

I've long been associated with Cambridge and the university of Cambridge. Having grown up in a former British colony, all our exams and curriculum came from the university of Cambridge. I'm eternally grateful to the British for my English education which has allowed me to prosper in the English speaking world. I'm surprised at myself that I left  it till today to visit a kind of alma mater for me. It was a Sunday when I stepped off the train from London. The church bells were ringing from every church and there were a lot. As I walked through the narrow village lanes and past churches I hear the familiar ring of the Anglican liturgy being said and floods of memory came back to me. I was raised in an Anglican church and school environment. It was like a homecoming of sorts.This is the far reaching legacy of the church of England and the university of Cambridge and the British empire as a whole. I'm proud to say that I am one of its products. I salute you, Cambridge and I thank you.

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