Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I traveled alone for 3 months this last Summer

I flew into London and toured England for a bit because I know when I return a few months later, the season would have changed. I saw England at its most glorious time. Then I flew to Copenhagen for a few days and took the train to Stockholm to spend 'mid sommar' in Skansen, outside of Stockholm. Unfortunately it was rained out. I toured Sweden for a few weeks, took the ferry to Aland, an island chain between Sweden and Finland. After that, another ferry to Turku, Finland before taking the train to Helsinki. I was in Finland for a few weeks before I flew from Helsinki to Oslo. I spent another few weeks in Norway. Norway has become my most favorite country. After that I went to the southern most town of Norway to take the ferry back to Denmark. After a week in Jutland I took the train to Berlin for a few days. I wanted to see how hip Berlin really is. I was in Berlin last year and this made it my second in Berlin. From Berlin I left for Vienna. The main reason for Vienna was to see all of Gustav KLimt's paintings. From there I took the train and spent a night in Frankfurt before heading into Paris for a few days. It was at Paris Gare du Nord station that my luggage was stolen. I went back to England with just the clothes on my back and had to hurriedly put together another wardrobe. I still had my wallet and camera and computer. Thank God. I spent the remaining 9 days in England before finally returning home, tired and broken. I'm still recovering from tendonitis in my right leg after a month of being home.
Picture is of Norway in Summer at Finse, the town at the top of the Bergen/Oslo railway.

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