Monday, September 14, 2015

London 101

London is expensive but there are ways to lighten the financial burden. Staying in a hostel is one, at my age, I still opt to sleep in dorms, mixed dorms at that, just so to spend less money on accommodations but more on other experiences. Taking a free walking tour is another way of spending less money though these tours in London often involve a tip. There are true free walking tours in other cities, York and Bath, these were truly free, they don't require tipping. But it was great doing this walking tour in London, I was able to see a side of London I wouldn't otherwise have opted to see, to walk along the Thames on this side. I did walk along the Thames on the other side and saw the whole outside of Parliament building, an unimpeded view of it, a wonderful sight. London is crowded is an understatement, around the major sights, it is always packed with tourists. Most major sights are free, the Tate Modern, the British museum, the British Library to name a few. I'm back to writing and will publish soon.

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