Thursday, November 23, 2017


Its nice getting mail, today we get emails. I've been emailing a guy I met in Portugal. He is surprised to hear from me and I'm surprised to hear from him. It doesn't matter who writes to us but a little note is always welcomed. This goes to notifications from Amazon Kindle. An email from them means a statement that I sold a few ebooks. It isn't much but the fact that something sold is always welcomed news and for that I am very thankful. I watched a video on Youtube once, when the author said, don't write ebooks, you might not even sell a copy but I say write. I find immense joy in doing the research and in the writing especially on an obscure subject. There is an author whose job is to write on obscure subjects, he has written many books and they are not cheap. But if you need information on an obscure subject, you have to go to him and pay his price. My books are not priced like that at all! Granted how many would read a book on the garden of Ninfa and make special plans to visit it? Only me and I'm not apologetic.

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