Saturday, November 04, 2017

Scotney castle, UK

With the coming of the first chill in the air I know I have to close the book on another year. It was a great year, one filled with enough travel. I first set eyes on Scotney castle a year before and tried to figure out how to get there. It was easier than I thought, train from Paddington to Tunbridge Wells and then bus to Scotney. Then a long footpath about 20 minutes of walking up to the entrance. While this is not Scotney castle, it is the old castle that has been left to ruins to make a romantic folly. There was no bad side to this old lady, she looked great at every angle. She stands majestic over a moat and is so lovely. It always lifts my spirit each time I gaze at her. As the year closes I'm researching for astonishing places to visit in the next year. Life is so exciting.

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