Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm back

What's this? A panini but not just any old panini. This is the famous panini con porchetta. I've read so much about it, how people raved about it. After all this is my umpteenth trip to Italy, I finally got to taste it. I was not disappointed. It was in Orvieto and everywhere the cafes were advertising panini con porchetta. This cafe had the porchetta in full view, a huge chunk of roast pork, not just any old roast pork, it was studded heavily with chopped garlic and parsley. The roast pork was moist and oh so fragrant because of the garlic and herbs. It was to die for..... The panini was about 4 euros, an incredible deal, possibly the only deal in our trip. We paid for some expensive and bad food. I keep thinking about Sicily, the bread in Sicily definitely is much better, so is the seafood. This trip we had Arugula with everything and it was wonderful, I definitely would use more Arugula in my cooking. I even brought Arugula seeds home to plant in pots, it would remind me of my planting tomato seeds from Sicily last year. This year it's Arugula seeds from Italy. What would I be planting next year?
We arrived back last night and I'm up too early this morning. Rome, as usual, was crowded, it makes me yearn for Sicily which is less crowded. I met some people on our way from Los Angeles to London, then we parted at London Heathrow. I saw them again on the plane from Rome to London, we parted again at Heathrow, we left to go home, they stayed in London. I sat next to a lady from Pasadena on our flight back, she was in Berlin and Eastern Europe, spoke glowingly about Prague. Well, guess where I'll be going next?

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