Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring time

Every year at this time my neighbor's yard would have the most wonderful display of flowers. This year is no different though it's still early yet. I rushed over because I shall be gone for 2 weeks and hopefully w hen I return the display is going to be even more spectacular. I only found out recently that Lupines (the blue flowers) are grown from seeds. People would slow down as they drive past to view the flowers. I usually just walk over and spend an enormous time admiring the display. The apricot color rose is actually from my yard, it's name is 'Just Joey'. I love this rose, it has a very gentle fragrance and when full bloom is huge. I had 2 gorgeous blooms on it last year but when I checked on them later that day, they were gone. Some passerby picked them and walked away with them. This is the only time I had flowers stolen from my front yard.

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