Thursday, March 13, 2008

Next trip

Blogger, Paris Breakfast, wrote this morning that she doesn't feel like going to Paris this Sunday. I don't feel like going to Rome this Monday. It's been so hectic, at work and at home, that I just want to be left alone. Work is so frenetic, so many prescriptions to fill and all at once. I dread going in these days. It's been overwhelming. Home is bad, my niece's situation is worse than I had imagine. I had a falling out with my sister in law yesterday, we ended up screaming at each other. IT'S BAD.... and I'm taking her 2 daughters to Italy. I just need to force myself on the plane, once it takes off, there's no turning back. When I'm on the ground in Rome, there's too much to take care off, find the train to take us to Centrale Termini, find our hotel, look for food and the next day, visit as many sites as we can. I heard that it's no longer free to visit the Forum and Palatine hill, it's going to cost $16 per person. That's a lot. After 1 day in Rome, we leave to head to Bologna. The thought of it is a little daunting but once I'm on the ground there I'll feel differently, I have to. I've been to Rome twice before so I'm familiar with the place, at least I don't have to worry that it's all new to me.
But I need to go, the sameness here is depressing. Anywhere you go is the usual stores merchandising the same stuff, I can jump off a cliff if I have to stay here forever. There's nothing like the charm and quaintness that is Europe. That's why I starve myself of any luxury here so I can still afford Europe, maybe that's not healthy. I make 2 trips abroad each year, I'm trying for 3 next year and eventually to spend an extended period away.

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