Thursday, March 27, 2008

Theresa Maggio

I checked my email just now and found Theresa Maggio has left a comment on my blog, look under 'Honey, I'm home'. Who is Theresa Maggio? She wrote 2 books on Sicily and liked my write ups on Sicily. Wow! This is worth much more than making money on writing a blog, which I have yet to make a cent. I'm still gushing and blushing. Her 2 books are 'La Mattanza', about the annual tuna harvest in Sicily and "The Stone Boudoir' about the many little hill towns in Sicily. I have both books and have read them many times before embarking on my 2 trips to Sicily. They were inspirational, she's inspirational too. She called me gutsy, I'd say, I got my guts from her. I can't believe this. Wow! I read almost every book written about Sicily before I took my first trip to Sicily and then my second trip and maybe soon, my third.
'Palermo, once experienced, never forgotten....'

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