Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The garage

What's so interesting about a garage or garages? They're usually packed with old cars and filled to the brim with junk. Not so fast, they could be incubators of the next big thing on the Internet. Lots of big Internet revolutions got started in garages, the Hewlett Packard people started in a garage and look at where they are now. Microsoft was started in a garage by a geeky 17 year Harvard U dropout.
I watched a BBC interview on Bill Gates a few evenings ago. It was his last week at Microsoft, he is retiring from the company he started in his garage. It showed the same geek, he hasn't changed much, in a very modest office. They made do this funny skit, imagine this is America's richest man. They showed him packing up his things into a cardboard box, walking to a car, place the box on top of the car, getting in and driving off and the box of his stuff sliding off the moving car. I love this man, I've made a lot of money from Microsoft's stocks in the past. In fact I tell friends Microsoft bought me this house. I still own stocks in Microsoft, in fact, a huge part of my private portfolio is in Microsoft's stocks.
I think of another project started in a garage, Amazon.com. Jeff Bezos and his wife was packing and sending out books from their garage. What's the market cap for Amazon.com today? I don't know but I own stocks in the company. I like Amazon.com because I love the concept of shopping on the Internet. I do like the company, it has become an important brand. Imagine it was started in a garage.
This morning when I opened my garage to come in to work on this blog, the idea came to me. Maybe this is another incubator for something big. What? I don't know, I'm working on it.
What's in your garage?

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