Friday, June 13, 2008

Venice 2

I had to have it again, 'spaghetti with squid and squid ink'. It was wonderful the first time I ate it in Catania, Sicily. This wasn't so great. We were told to eat it only in Spring and not any other time of the year. It was at a restaurant in Sicily when we tried to order it during our October 07 trip and was told it's only available in Spring. We ate it at a restaurant in Catania during our March 07 trip. It was to die for. We asked the hotel owner where a good restaurant was, 'dove trattoria molto buono?' He gave us the address of one near the hotel where only the locals know about. When you walk in, you'll see a huge display of seafood on ice, you can pick your fancy and have them cook it anyway you want it. We saw only locals there, plain ordinary folks and others in fancy tailored Italian suits. We saw them eating food we're not even familiar with. I'd love to go back to Catania and especially to that restaurant. I remember where it is and I know how to get back there.
This restaurant in Venice was some touristy joint, it's ok, not great.

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