Sunday, June 01, 2008

New shoes

New shoes arrived in the mail the other day from Doc Marten, my 7th pair in my life. Shoes are important in my life, not Manolo Blahnik's, not that kind of shoes. I'm on my feet at least 10 hours a day and for years I've never found any shoes in the USA that fit. Growing up in a third world country meant we never had shoes growing up and that results in wide feet. Nothing in the US is wide enough and for years I suffered. After a hard day's work, I usually limp to my car and home. Until I discovered Doc Martens, now my feet are happy. The selection of Doc Martens in the store is disappointing also. So each time I'm in London, I'd visit their flagship store in Covent Garden. Even here the selection is dismal. I discovered their website 2 weeks ago and wow, they have a humongous selection. I picked this leopard skin pair, I thought it'll be fun and they are fun.

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