Monday, September 14, 2009

Coming home

Here am I at Hong Kong Kaitak airport, on a 5 hour layover, waiting for them to ready this plane and take me home. I flew from Los Angeles to Hong Kong and from Hong Kong to Kunming. The amazing thing about China is the numerous airports that has been built recently and that made visiting China much easier. The major gateways into China are Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. Hong Kong airport is huge and not as busy as I had anticipated. One thing I love about it is one can find lounge chairs all over and practically lie on them to rest during a long layover which was what I did when I took these pictures.
I must say I'm impressed with Cathay Pacific, they took a whole row of seats out of this 747 and there is so much more leg room. Everything was slick and I never once bumped into any hard metal surfaces as I often do when I travel on British Airways. Together with Lufthansa, it ranks very high in my books.

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