Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A little bird

I was going to leave when this Chinese guy starting making some funny noises. I looked at him and he was actually alerting us to this bird on the lawn. It was an unusual looking bird, one I've never seen in my life. It wasn't your usual sparrow and to see it in the city makes it even more unusual It was obvious this Chinese local hasn't seen it before either. This bird was busy feeding on stuff it found in the lawn. It wasn't worried about us except when I crept closer to it to take its picture. I was limited by the equipment on me. So I tried to get as close as I could without bothering it. It would display a full comb as a sign of displeasure and would fly off away from me. I spent a full half hour chasing it around the grass. I didn't know what bird it was. I came home and checked the Internet for birds of Yunnan and found out its identity. It's a 'hoopoe'..

Here it's realising that I'm threatening to him and it is displaying its full plumage which otherwise is folded tightly.

Wow, now I know the fascination some people have about birds and bird watching.

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