Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lake Dian

Lake Dian or in Chines, 'Dianchi'. With such a huge land mass, there are lots of beautiful lakes and mountains in China. Near Kunming is this huge and beautiful lake called 'Dian'. I read in the guidebook that there were fishing villages near it and they still use the 'Fanchuan' or sail boats for fishing. So I got hold of a taxi and asked him to drive me there. I asked about the sail boats and he told me 'meiyu, liao!' This means 'no more'. I didn't believe him and asked him to take there anyway. So off we went. As we were almost to the lake I saw something that looked more like North America than China, condos, western style and hotels, the place was so built up and in a Western style. What the heck......! It was beautiful but it wasn't China. That was sad. I got out, snapped a few pictures and got the driver to take back to Kunming.

They say that as soon a guide book on China is sent to the press, it needed to be rewritten because things change so fast on the ground, it is already outdated. I went away, very sad and disappointed...

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