Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Byzantine church and frescoes

While they are fast fading, they are still well preserved. Byzantine frescoes and mosaics differ from their renaissance cousins, those painted by Titian, Giotto or Michaelangelo and others. In renaissance art, the artists are known but not so in Byzantine paintings. In fact, the whole idea in Byzantine art is that the message is revered not the artists. Byzantine art illuminates the whole bible message, it is a tool to teach the uneducated congregants about the scriptures. These were the very few we saw in Istanbul formerly Constantinople, capital city of the Byzantine Empire. We would see a lot later in Cappadocia. What we saw would remain with us forever, the beauty and the faith of the congregants, a people we could only now conjecture about who they were. The bible does give a little insight, both in Acts Chapter 2 and I Peter 1.

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