Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ottoman houses

The area next to the church of St Savior in Chora is actually the Armenian and Greek quarter. The Ottoman houses here have been restored and are absolutely a marvel to behold. It's not cheap, Ottoman houses are all made of wood and we saw a lot of them in various dilapidated states. There is a very small Greek and Armenian population, mos have been either killed as in the Armenian Genocide or leaft during the Greek-Turkish population exchange, another tragedy. I'm writing a book and my head is exploding, I've been reading all about the Byzantine Empire, the Armenian Genocide, the Greek-Turkish population exchange, the Orthodox church- architecture and liturgy, the Bible and various Bible commentaries. Every day the postman brings me stacks and stacks of books that I ordered. I've read them all and a few times over. I'm a voracious reader. I'm tweedling my thumbs right now with nothing to read, waiting for the next wave of books to arrive.

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