Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kariye Muzesi

This is the church of St Savior in Chora. It is now known by it's Turkish name. No one could understand me when I asked how to get there. Even when I knew the Turkish name, my pronunciation was so attrocious, again, no one understood me. Finally we found a taxi driver who knew and off we went. The building is 11thC Byantine but the frescoes and mosiacs were 14thC and absolutely beautiful. Other than the Haghia Sophia, this was one of the very few Byzantine churches being opened to the public. Most have been converted to mosques, others are locked shut. Church services are not allowed, so its been turned into a museum. Here it houses some of the world's most beautiful frescoes and mosaics of Byzantine origin. Right now my interest is in Byzantine history, churches, saints and liturgy.

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