Saturday, March 21, 2015

The blue grotto, a repost

There is actually nothing to the Blue Grotto. It's just a cave where because of the chemicals in the sea, the water is blue inside the cave. You go inside and look at the blue water of the sea and you say to yourself 'that's it?' Yes, that's it. The fun thing about it is the trip there. In this case it is definitely not the destination, it is the trip that is exciting. A few years ago we were heading south in Italy and we flew into Naples. Since we'll be in Naples, we lined up a few things to do while there. The Blue Grotto was one of them. We got up that morning in a dingy hostel near the train station, we met 2 Japanese tourists, young girls who said they were heading for the port to take the ferry to the Blue Grotto. We decided to tag along. From that on I have the greatest respect for the Japanese. They are thorough in their planning, they know what they doing and their execution is impeccable. As images of the Earthquake and Tsunami pictures are beamed to our TV, we see an absolutely dignified people, so disciplined (they won't gouge their fellow Japanese), they wait in line, they accept their fate and work to make things better for each other. They're amazing. For us who hasn't experienced their wrath as evidenced during WWII, we can admire them. My parents are not so sympathetic. I've never heard my mother expressed any anger over the loss of her family during WWII and the Japanese occupation. It is only my father's experience that we hear. They have no sympathy, they don't thing that Japan has ever atone for their actions during WWII. I digress.
We took the hydrofoil from Naples to the Isle of Capri, from Capri, we boarded a launch and was taken to  the mouth of the Blue Grotto. The entrance to it is very small and so we had to transfer to the little row boats that were waiting there, 2 to a boat. The boats man would then row to the entrance and with some action on a chain, pull us and the boat into the cave. That was the fun part. It was pretty hilarious. We do a short turn round the cave and out we go in reverse.
The world is one big amusement park, one gigantic Disneyland and the fun that one can have is limitless. The only problem is you can't do it in a day or on one entrance ticket. It takes a lifetime and many airline tickets to do it all or as many as one has the propensity for.

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