Wednesday, March 04, 2015

84 Charing Cross Rd

I'm now reading 84 Charing Cross Rd, a delightful book about this American lady who wrote to an used bookstore in London to order books. Before long there began a friendship between her and the staff and letters began flying back and forth. She started sending them care packages of food after she heard that the Brits were under food rationing. In the end the family of Frank Doel who was the principal person who was sending her the books allowed her to print those letters in a book and there was even a movie made about the story. These things doesn't happen anymore and that's a pity. Charing Cross Rd is a favorite street of mine when in London, its full of used bookstores and also the home of Foyles, the largest bookstore in England. I can't wait to spend endless hours there again. I have to reserve a whole day just to go through all the bookstores.

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