Monday, March 16, 2015

Eating in Naples

 It was in Naples a few years ago on our first visit to Naples that we discovered this Sicilian favorite, arancino which is actually a fried rice ball filled with stuffing. Its great as a street food. Subsequently on our visits to Sicily, we ate a lot of arancini, mostly for breakfast. We would order a coffee and an arancino each and eat standing at the bar with a whole bunch of Sicilian men. Here in Naples we got to eat arancino again without being in Sicily.
 Pizza was invented in Naples though we didn't have time for it this trip but on our last trip we ate it at the restaurant where they invented it.
 Yeah, prize winning pizzas.
 Its hard work being a tourist especially when we tried to squeeze as much in as possible. Here it was time for a cappuccino and a rum baba. For some reason the Neopolitans has adopted this French pastry and made it their own. It is just brioche soaked with rum syrup, artificial rum.

 How about some cannoli filled with ricotta cheese and alpine strawberries? So delectable!
 Some Sicilian cassata, anyone?
 And the star or the piece de resistance, sforgliatelle, of course. I don't know why I haven't heard of it on our first visit. I did checked in on Tripadviser and everyone was touting sfogliatelle. So when I saw them I had to try the. I'd go to Naples just to eat sfogliatelle, its that good!
You can find Sicilian food anywhere in Italy, you can only find sfogliatelle in Naples which means there will be more trips to Naples in the future. Naples is just one hour away from Rome by train and there is this huge shop across the street from the train station that just sell sfogliatelle and rum baba! I went to buy some, approached the cashier and said to him 'sfo-glia-telle' he said, 'bravo' meaning I got it right!

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