Wednesday, December 19, 2012

French farmers' market

 This is geese and duck country.

 It's time for mushrooms in Europe.

 Delectable framboise, of which, I must have some.

 Miel, oui! (Honey)

 This little French girl was posing for us the whole time we were snapping pictures of the market in progress.

 I love alpine (wild) strawberries. Of course I had to have some.
It's very likely that at any trip to any part of France, you will bump into a farmers' market. I love the French farmers' markets. I remember my first one, it was more than ten years ago in Aix en Provence. I remember the rustic walnut/raisin bread that I ate with a very rustic farmers' sausage, I ate sitting on a curb on the streets of Aix en Provence. Since then I've been to numerous farmers' markets in France but none was as magical as my first one. I felt so free and so empowered, like MFK Fisher or maybe not! This was the market in Bergerac.

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