Friday, December 07, 2012

Lunch in St Emilion

 We thought (without asking how much it'll cost us) a little salad, some cold cuts and a selection of cheeses, much like a ploughman's lunch, why not? The salad was delicious.
So was the cold cuts..
We could have shared the cheese platter, all in all it was a lot of food. We tried to finish everything.
 We were dining al fresco and after eating I went inside to order coffee. The waiter told me he will bring out a little cookie for the both of us to share. All this time we still thought, a little of this, a little of that, why not.
 This was the 'the little cookie' that we shared. The cassis sorbet was so good. The canales were incredible.... it was an incredible lunch.
 Shared, we did, everything.
Then came the bill.... 80 euros. For lunch? Oui! We had mineral water, we didn't even have any of the St Emilion wines. It was worth it. Once in a while you've got to savor life at its finest. We've been living so cheaply all our lives, what are we saving for? For a few moments like this. The hard work at home paid off. We walked away, fully sated, both physiologically and spiritually.

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