Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lascaux II

 No photos allowed but I did managed this inside the cave. The colors were stunning even though they were only a replica of the original.
We were at the train station in Bordeaux where a very helpful employee helped us plot our days activities in the Bordeaux area. She was more helpful than the tourist office next door. I mentioned Lascaux and she looked it up in her computer tablet and found the closest train station to it was a little town called Condat le Lardin. So off we went one morning, woke up at 5am and was in a train at 6am. Condat le Lardin was the smallest village you've ever seen, there was no one around except the train employee. In broken English he said he could call us a taxi to take us to Lascaux II and it'll cost 20 euros. The taxi came and we went. He dropped us off, said if we called again he'll come for us. Here we were in a thickly forested area in the middle of nowhere, waiting for the caves to open. Lascaux is a cave where they discovered some beautiful and primitive cave paintings but it has closed. Near it they built a replica, called it Lascaux II and that was what we came to see. The place is so remote and we felt like fools wondering about our wisdom or lack of coming here. Finally it opened but first to the French school kids. We told them we needed to leave soon for our train back to Bordeaux so they let us join the French school kids. Our tour was in French but we got in to see the caves. It was beautiful and well worth our foolish jaunt to get there. We got someone at the ticket office to call our taxi again, he came promptly and for another 20 euros, took us back to the train station where we took the train to Perigeux.

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