Monday, December 03, 2012

St Emilion, France

 We arrived by train in Bordeaux from Bayonne, dropped our luggage off at the hotel, leapt on another train and off we went to St Emilion. I've always wanted to see St Emilion and finally I'm here. It's a small village with lots of wine stores, restaurants and gift shops. The surrounding area are the numerous private vineyards. Everyone is invited in to sample the wine but we weren't drinkers, so we didn't.

The train station is no where near the village and we had to walk about a mile up the hill past vineyards to the village. There were a bunch of us, there were other visitors on the same train and all of us walked. I think we can call for a taxi which a few did. It was a very warm and sunny day and the vine was laden with grapes, all ready to be harvested. There wasn't much activity in the fields. We were in the Alsace wine region 2 years ago, there was much more activity there, with people picking and the trucks were hauling the grapes to the winery.

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